#BALMAIN for H&M: How I styled my yellow top

Merry Christmas, guys! It's been an awfully busy year for me since I started my new...

Merry Christmas, guys! It's been an awfully busy year for me since I started my new job as a brand specialist/semi-trainer for APAC. Hearing someone fly almost 50 percent of their work-time might give an impression of an adventurous and exciting lifestyle, now that I'm an insider I know exactly how tiring it can be... although it comes with the perks of free upgrades and opportunity to take nice pictures (I don't mind sitting inside the office having regular hours though, when the alternative is flying non-stop with sleepless nights and early mornings). Anyway, I know you will be thinking 'blah..stop that bullshit!' - so, I'll cut the crap here...

I bought 2 pieces when the Balmain for H&M line was launched in November 2015. The heavily embroidered tops and dresses are a true homage to the couture house's DNA, sexy and powerful. I laid my eyes on this bright yellow top immediately when I saw the preview online, and guess what - they were sold out at once (even though I woke up at an unusual hour to squeeze into H&M before work... of course, why should I be surprised at all!) In the end, I bought a black dress from the collection instead, because how can I bear the fact that I've made it into the battlefield leaving with nothing. Nevertheless, God is very kind to me and when I made my way back a few days later, I also bought the yellow top that someone must have returned. It look slightly oversized on me but I gladly took it.

Back onto the outfit, styling such a bright piece is no easy work. I figured it might look best with a pair of skinny jeans, yet these photos were shot in September and I decided to match it with my wide bottom pants in navy blue (opposite colours as the colour-wheel would suggest) for the hot Summer. Paired with a vintage structured calf-leather bag I got from mom and the on-trend minimal white sneakers I was going for a structured but casual look. Don't you just love mix-and-matching cause it's so much fun!!

Yellow top - Balmain for H&M
Pants - Zara
Sneakers - Koetic Friday
Bangle - USA recycling shop
Handbag - Celine

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