Fashion is a journey, it is not compromising

If you ask, what is fashion to me... Fashion is my hobby. Fashion is the continuou...

If you ask, what is fashion to me...
Fashion is my hobby.
Fashion is the continuous growth of my personal style.
Fashion is not compromising with trends, because proportion is of utmost importance. 

I love shopping, not necessarily with designer labels.. cause when you dress smart, logos or not don't matter anymore.

Saw this picture on @blatantlyblue 1.5 years ago and was since looking for a similar bell bottom printed pants. Reasons? 

1. Patterned pants are personalised and super tropical. It's not generic and I love bold prints.
2. They elongate the visual length of your legs!!! Yes!!! 
3. Oh and they're super comfy....
So just how BOLD can you go?

Wanna make a guess where I got mine? Someone told me Versace...
See, it doesn't matter how much I paid for it. Cause your perception is what counts in the end... even though I bought it from H&M (probably no surprise for those who've been reading my blog, lol). Yea yea yea, high street all the way!
So I got them from H&M, and given my petite figure I had to bring them to the tailor for some trimmings before I could wear them on the streets while not getting tripped by the hems. 
My point is, you must cater for your personal needs...and put this as priority over being a trend follower blindly.

Absolutely love those classy china prints  would work perfect for a coachella festival or a calm sunday read. It's high time to grab a pair of bell shaped bottoms and toss your skinny leggings for a little edginess and welcoming the equal comfort!

Open-back pinstriped top - TOPSHOP
Bell bottom pants - H&M
Clutch - Christian Dior
Hair accessories - H&M
Fork shaped bangle - Recycling art workshop from USA
Necklace - Van Cleef & Arpel

Photo credits* Royce Chan

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  1. I love how you've mixed high end labels with high street brands, than again I agree with you fashion is more than label or a designer is a self expression! Also these images look amazing!
    Kinga x


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